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More than 30 years later - Looking back at the old school

Still Remember..

Dear Mother of VietNam:

We are still here and alive.
More than half of our lives, we have been away from home, but we can never forget about you.
We still remember our old teachers and friends. We still remember the hallway of our old school where we lined up before classes. We still remember from those days when we used to gather around the school yard during break times, chit chating and enjoying our lovely youths.
All of those moments are engraved in our minds and souls, including pictures of our unfortunate friends who have been buried under the bottom of the ocean.
30 years later, the rest of us are sitting here with tears looking back and remembering you. For the most beautiful pictures of you reside, as always in our hearts, Mother of VietNam.

Alexander Vu - 2006