Mar 21

The newly norminated supreme court judge

For those of you who had followed today’s grilling of the newly nominated Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch by the senate …

” … I have a great judicial current events story for you.

With Trump trying to put Judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court being all over the news, I am reminded that I had met him before. you might notice that he is exactly my age. he was a senior at Georgetown Prep, a pretty high end school near to where I lived. I was on my high school’s Speech & Debate Team.

So Neil Gorsuch was very smooth and sharp. and by senior year, he was virtually unbeatable. in the semi final round of the Mid-Atlantic States Championship, he and i met in a packed auditorium. i totally nailed it. crushed him in a 3-0 decision, and the future supreme court judge was stopped in his tracks. i went on to win the final round as well, and became Mid-Atlantic State Champion and went on to Nationals in San Antonio. It turns out, Neil also managed to go to Nationals that year in a lesser competition called Congress, and won the Nationals, to show you how good he was. And that’s why you might hear the reporters say that he “won a national debating championship in high school.”

But he will forever remember me as the VNmese kid who kicked his butt in Lincoln-Douglas debate, the main event.

Why that debate victory was particularly sweet and memorable was that there was a buzz at the tournament that Neil was unbeatable. He was the son of Anne Gorsuch, Secretary of the EPA for Reagan, and the debate topic was the environment …”

And I’m very proud to brag that the little VNmese high school kid was my cousin! Bravo cousin …

March 21st, 2017

Reported by Khiem Ngo

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